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  • That was of Great help :D
    Thank you! :)
    Haha, and I don't have much knowledge at all. I basically play with the ISO and snap snap snap until its right. (tikam).
    Well, when I consulted my brother, he told me that my dad was interested in getting the D700. So, I might wait it out, although I think i'd be more comfortable with the D90 since i'm sucha newbie. I don't want to handle such a professional camera when I am like not that good, it makes me seem like a wanna-be or something.
    Haha, sure! :) I'm up for it, as soon as I can take decent pictures. Otherwise you'll be laughing at me the whole time. :D
    thank you, once more!
    I happen to read your post in the D90 thread!
    I was hoping you could help me, since you have an FM10 and a D90!
    I know both are like different things, since one is digital!
    I like film cameras, but i don't know if i can handle it, since i am new to photography..
    But I am planning to invest in a D90? Do you think thats advisable?
    And if i do get a D90, should i get the kit? because my dad has a collection (or somewhat) of nikkor lenses. So i was thinking that maybe i can save some money by stealing his lenses. lol.
    Or should i get FM10?
    How much is the FM10 roughy?
    Please help me okay? (thank you!)
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