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    Various streets

    That guy in green is a distraction. :bsmilie:
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    [Ghaz1] Street Series

    Specs On
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    [Ghaz1] Street Series

    The subject is the lady "stealing" a free read from the newspaper and the vendor "reading" me taking the picture and you trying to "read" the meaning from the image. An endless visual cycle of interpretation and making meanings.
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    [Ghaz1] Street Series

    Free Read
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    [Ghaz1] Street Series

    Streets Raw Edit
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    Merlion Park 1
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    D90 Poison Club - TCSS Part I

    The more filters you stack, the more flares it is likely to produce as the light bounces off the elements onto the filters. I can count 3 groups of flares, you used 3 filters including the one on your lens + the stacked GND and ND? That's why some people don't even use any filters when they...
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    [Ghaz1] Street Series

    Shooting the Shooters
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    [SunChasersSG] Newbies Outing (Part 18) - Sunrise @ Merlion Park 18 Sept 2010 (Pics)

    Thanks Dingaroo and Sunchasers for yet another wonderful outing!
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    [Ghaz1] Street Series

    Prosperity Beckons Prosperity Beckons 2
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    [Ghaz1] Street Series

    Yes. That's the location if i remember correctly. Shot this some time back.:think:
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    [SunChasersSG] - TCSS thread (Part V)

    Yes i bought a Rainbow brand one too. Good thing about it is that you not only use it as a vacuum but it can also be run as an air purifier which is a function i think you need more if the dust particle is in the air. Just convert it and let it run overnight. You'll see the difference in that...
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    [Ghaz1] Very Basic Photography Series #1 - Bedok Reservoir Shoot (Photo)

    Because your IS is still working despite the lens being on a tripod which is already (or should be) stable and this may lead to slightly blurred pictures.