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    Lens hood

    I'm using a D40 with kit lens. Thinking of getting a lens hood though. Any idea what I shld be looking at? :embrass:
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    Thanks Arcanic. :)
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    Thanks sentinel. Just tot of helping CS use up some of it's bandwidth. :D
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    :sweatsm: :sweatsm: :sweatsm:
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    How do black & white photos make you feel?

    Sad? Moody? :blah:
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    MSN login email can change one anot har?

    As above. :dunno:
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    Making a drastic job switch

    Huh what happen to your job sorez?
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    Looking for a bag for casual shooting over the weekend

    Any idea where I can take a look at a selection of domke bags? I understand these bags are really inconspicuous cam bags but being just canvas, my concern is do they provide enuff protection? :)
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    Did anyone see a green streak flying across the sky?

    Saw it too at Ayer Raja ard 7.30pm. The prob is that it seemed too fast even to be an aircraft. Have "they" landed yet? :(
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    Thanks for the picture. HN is giving a lowepro one if anybody is interested. :)