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    Pansonic FZ5 users

    Quote replied to me was $630 w/o GST, 256 card, and a screen protector I think.
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    Blacklisted shops ..

    Funny thing is that when I bought batteries from them, they were very courteous. I don't look like a 'kai zhi'...hmm....but probably I look local.
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    Mirror Lens

    Anyone tried using mirror lens before. Read it from popular Photography, seems interesting for a 500mm f/8 that cost around US$100. Here's an example Samyang 500mm f/8 Ultra Telephoto, Manual Focus Mirror...
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    Fuel Consumption???

    In terms of fuel consumption, I believe it is 10-11KM/L for the matrix. I think it should be the same for my elantra as they share the same engine. Jump to Lots of Hyundai drivers there. If you can wait, I believe hyundai is launching its next...
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    G3 under sub-zero

    I went to Canada Rockies too, at one time the temp was like -20+, but I thought my camera function normally. But the thing is that I am in the comfort of the coach or car most of the time. They gave about an hour or so at each stop. I don't know how the camera would face up to extended periods...
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    G3 under sub-zero

    I ever used a G2 under those conditions, the thing I was protecting more were my freezing fingers. If it is snowing, I guess it would be wise to have some tissues or cloth to wipe away the melted snow. I kept the camera close to my body most of the time. An oh, I had the lens adapter on with a...
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    TDK CD-writer on Dell PC

    Nero was the Caesar who went mad and burned Rome, so Nero burning Rome - Nero Burning ROM, get it? 8)
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    Non Canon BP511 batteries

    Thanks for the advice but it is an old battery I used in my G2. Think I shall not try to use it again in case it starts leaking or something. Anyway, where do you all guys get your 3rd party batteries from nowadays. I got current low-indicator one from Nab Nab in SLS.
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    Non Canon BP511 batteries

    I have this non-Canon BP511 battery that I fully charged and place in my 10D. However, the battery indicator always show the lowest. But I can make quite a few shots with it even though the indicator always stay at the lowest. Is this normal or must I start ditching the non-Canon blands.
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    Xbox Gamers - come in here!

    But no software supporting it right? The keyboard and mouse only comes in handy when you want to install linux on the box.
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    Xbox Gamers - come in here!

    Frankly, DOA Beach Volleyball is absolutely boring. You spend the whole time buying stuff (WTH) and playing mindless games. Boring, unless you go get the nude patch. 8) Currently I am hoping they release the English version of N.U.D.E., a tamagochi like game where you interact with a stimulated...
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    $3500 for D60 ?

    I know this has been asked countless time, but since I can't search "D60" (< 4 chars), please pardon me. I would just like to ask if $3500 w/GST for a D60 is a good price?
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    Merlion winning shots are here

    Flaming Pear's flood plugin for photoshop.
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    Need advice from those in the IT industry

    Depends what you want to do? If you intend to pursue research, I guess it definitely helps you along with other academic ventures. As for practical applications, IMO, a honors is a plus IF you are in the governmental service. Since we are currently in such a economic situation, any plus is good...
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    Anyone Bought Singtel Broadband JetPack?

    I think it is hard to be a 'light' broadband user. Trust me, once you are hook to it, you will want more and more and more. Dialup would never be enough. I believe this package is basically to lure basically undecisive type of whether to jump on the broadband wagon. I am personally not on an...