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    G11 vs S90

    The deciding factor should be dependent on the buyer's needs. That said, I was deciding between the G11 and S90 earlier on too. But bought the S90 last week after a few nights of toss and turns ... reason being the pocket-ability of S90 (compared to G11). I need a camera which can sequeeze...
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    Strangers in Time Square, Manhattan, New York

    ooophs ... generally i loved the composition of the picts, except that the overly photo-editing really hangs on me ..
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    G11 and S90 Arrival and Prices in SINGAPORE !!!!!

    Just got a S90 this afternoon @ C@th@yPh0t0. Come with no-brand 8GB class 4 SDHC card, case & screen protector. Cost $700 nett. :-D
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    Notebook Dilemma

    I don't trust HP, Compaq, Acer & Dell. [but that's my opinion] I'm currently using a Fujitsu laptop L1010, my previous laptop was a Fujitsu too. My organisation is using Fujitsu as well. I love Fujitsu not only because it is built solely in Japan, but it comes with a 3-years warranity (2nd and...
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    Henderson Bridge - Singapore

    The timber used for the Henderson Bridge. can it takes the elements i.e. singapore strong subshine and rain? And whether the timbers be subjected to abuse?
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    List of Ricoh owners in Singapore

    Caplio GX100 1. xtemujin 2. parchiao 3. howie 4. hydrogen 5. widget 6. fepper 7. King Tiger 8. AReality 9. LiewTL 10. antacid 11. Tch 12. Galv2006 13. dejected 14. Yatlapball 15. Frijj 16. jOhO 17. yongkiat 18. onyx 19. blue_quartz 20. oTaRu 21. eric69 (17-Apr-08) Caplio GR Digital 1...
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    Ricoh R8 !!!

    I thought John 3:16 quoted $520, without the freebies?
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    Ricoh R8 !!!

    I am tempted to get a Ricoh R8. But both the Black and Silver color looks so cool that I can't decide which is "cool"-er? Does Cathay Photo carries Ricoh as well? :-D~~
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    Sigma DP-1

    i loved the shape of the DP-1. But i just don't understand one point; it's suppose to be a fixed 28mm (35mm equivalent) lens, but how come it have the "wide" and "tele" buttons at its behind? So, is it suppose to offer zoom?
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    Cost of living in Singapore (title edited)

    cost of living is indeed going up, especially with the warning that inflation will go up next year. but i thought $1,400 is alot of money(!). i mean, rent a decent hdb room [instead of a whole apartment or in condo] w/o aircon cost just $300 - $400; and if room-mate, can split cost too. and if...
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    GR Digital II announced

    thanks for enlightening me. reason why i'm asking this "stupid" question, is i'm looking for a good P&S to replace my panasonic lumix fx-07. i was faced with the same conclusion earlier over a Leica and a pansonic FX-01. So I though the Ricoh is another of those"banded" cam. I need a P&S, one...
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    OCBC Easycredit -- any catches

    Debts a) House - just a roof over my family b) Car - just a set of wheels for transport to point A to point B c) Kid - education / life insurance policies And i have no spare cash to indulge in my own pursuits ... cameras ... photography holidays etc. Worst, can't afford to lose my job...
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    GR Digital II announced

    sorry if this sound stupid, but may i know what's so special about this GR camera that warrants the higher price? I meant, given that a similar canon / nikon / olympus would cost much less, what's the plus for getting this Rocoh? Is it simply becos of brand [as in LEICA p&s verse lumix p&s; only...
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    What is the appropriate amount in angbaos to give for wedding dinner?

    and who is going to write your name on their's? if no one, then you paid $20 extra for your friend [and your firend (the bride/bridegroom) will appreciate your friend]; and they would think that you just ate a "free" meal! in any way, you got a free meal, but a bad reputation. and if you plan to...
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    PBase, Multiply, Flickr?

    i thought that it doesn't matter, becos once a free website reached its critical mass, it will start to charge. PBASE used to be free .....