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    WTSell: Lens - Fuji Xf 35mm f1.4

    Price drop to $500
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    WTSell: Lens - Fuji Xf 10-24mm f4

    Classifieds Type: WTSell Equipment Type: Lens Brand: Fuji Short Description: Xf 10-24mm f4 Price (S$): 800 Condition of Item(s): 8 Detailed Description: Only the lens. Some user marks on the sides. Name: Amelia Phone Number:
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    Found this deal on Carousell

    The user of Goodphoto is a salesperson at NUphoto. I bought from him before.
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    WTSell: Lens - Fuji Xf10-24mm f4, xf 56mm f1.2 and XF60mmf2.4

    Price reduction Xf10-24mm - $850 Xf56mm f1.2 - $850