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  1. tanjog rhu222.jpg

    tanjog rhu222.jpg

  2. ed9119

    Drama at Labrador Park

  3. mbs2.5.jpg


    MBS at Marina Bay Dramatic Day
  4. ed9119

    Drama at Marina Bay

  5. ed9119

    [keithwee] Review of the Fujifilm Instax SQ6 camera.

    sweet!! any sample prints to share with us ?
  6. ed9119

    Dramatic Clouds at Marina Bay

    Noticed this during lunchtime today Had no camera except my iphone so just shot it anyway and processed in Snapseed
  7. ed9119

    Keppel Container Port Area

    It was a glorious day but without a proper camera I had little choice but to shoot it with my mobile phone Better an image captured than nothing at all so here it is This is a view of the Keppel Container Port Area at Tg Pagar Like many iconic landmarks this area will be redeveloped in a few...
  8. ed9119

    Singapore Young Photographers Awards 2018

    Presented by City Developments Limited (CDL), the Singapore Young Photographer Award (SYPA) aims to promote the art of photography amongst young Singaporeans, as well as to recognise and nurture budding photographic talents. The nationwide competition has grown in both scale and stature reaching...
  9. ed9119

    Photography for Physically Handicapped Persons

    thanks fo sharing I've seen these situations too and its admirable seeing people like yourself having the fortitude to still go out and shoot
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