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    What Happened to the Photography Industry in 2018?

    ya evolution taking place .... photography is undergoing huge seismic shifts in media, communications modes especially at consumer level
  2. ed9119

    Any old member around?

    Happy CNY guys... I just had dinner with robotech, knight, niczap, nokkiego, biscuit, dan, stevepow , chngpe and a few others last night Everyone still alive and kicking lol
  3. ed9119

    Helios 44-2 m42 adapter with Fuji XT20 issue

    its a normal 'issue' because LTM lenses were made by quite a few brands (not just Leica)
  4. ed9119

    Tips for shooting a crowded café

    Try middle of the week before closing time ? Most places are empty at closing time Mondays through Weds Otherwise Sunday mornings are usually dead most places till lunchtime Cant advise further without knowing how big or small the place is and how the traffic flows etc etc
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    Advice for entry mirrorless camera - budget below S$1000

    do consider the 2nd hand market and/or a Micro 4/3 camera
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    Canon 450D

    its a good cam n one of the first entry level cameras to hvspot metering if exposure is off then adjust the +/-EV accordingly
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    ROM Photoshoot

    Whatever lens u use, 1. Get a list of the types of moments you want to capture and memorize it 2. Get in CLOSE NO MATTER WHAT even if it means getting in the way , seriously
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    Happiness - in Singapore?

    Happiness is an attitude and not comparing our situations with others
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    How to use 5 cent coin

    i keep the 1cent and 5 cent coins for my future grandkids to marvel at how big money was in the olden days
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    Peakdesign - 45l Travel Backpack

    a couple of the camera stores in Plaza Singapura like TK Foto (Unit 04-41/42 carry Peak Design MS Color at AMK Hub also carries they're at: #02-24, AMK Hub Singapore 569933 Tel: 6452 2828
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