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    Flower Hat Jellyfish @ Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

    Nice! Amazing creature Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    OM-D em5 17mm F1.8 lens auto focus problem

    Hi all This week when I tried using my cam and this lens, it doesn't seem to auto focus anymore. I.e when u depress the shutter release halfway, there is no beep followed by the green box to indicate focus locked. When i switch to my kit lens it works so the problem is the lens and I am hoping...
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    Ricoh Digital Camera Users?

    Take a look at this review.
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    Only for girls ...

    Very nice. I like the feel and mood. Do UL more... btw, i am a guy
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    Need help to ID caterpillar

    one more angle:
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    Need help to ID caterpillar

    Hi folks Can anyone tell me what caterpillar this is. I took it at Redhill market. It was on one of the seats. More of this fellow here: my flickr
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    Ricoh GR Digital users fall in!

    Hey, starting to really like this bugger. Managed to find time to take some shots. Here's some:
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    Flashaholics - Fall In Here

    Hi Are u selling the LED Drop In Replacement Module. I just bought a SF G1 and my daughter dropped it and it's not working anymore. Shld be the fall affected the bulb. Anyone else know where in Singapore that I can get my Surefire looked at? Thks
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    Ricoh GR Digital users fall in!

    So far so good.... will find time to share some pics: I like the : 1) Full Manual with separate dials for Aperture and Shutter settings 2) quality at high ISO 3) The display feature that lets u know if u are fully horizontal (not sure what this is called) only thing is i cant seem to access...
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    Ricoh GR Digital users fall in!

    After following this thread for a while, I decided to fall in too... bought the GR2 at HKIA last night. SGD811 (HK3990 + 100 to upgrade to a 4gb panasonic SD card from 2gb) It was the display set. A brand new one will cost HK4200. Now still charging batt and let's see how it performs...
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    GR Digital II announced

    Hi BQ If cost is not an issue, which wld u recommend. GRD of GX200.
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    GR Digital II announced

    Hi Not familiar with Ricohs but interested to get one after reading this thread and the pics posted. Can anyone tell me the diff between the 2 and cost? Also, is HK cheaper to get compared to SG?
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    The Economics of Online Backup

    Can always set up your device as a FTP server. I use a Western Digital 1 TB external HD which supports RAID 0 and 1