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    funny iraqi video--must watch!

    :bsmilie: :bsmilie: :bsmilie:
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    no sweat..my inbox reached 160+ few months back.. :sweat:
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    Bought anything from Cash Convertors?

    the lenses and bodies at this branch have collected dust since dunno-when...i guess there are at least 5 layers of dust on it...
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    Recommend Telephoto lens

    this is the older version of this lens i suppose..the new one has a red ring instead of gold
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    your most common mistake

    wad's ur most common mistake when taking photographs?
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    my first try

    image is too soft IMO
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    Canon 1200mm f5.6L Lens for us canonians to drool over!

    what about a 1200 f2.8L IS USM? how big/heavy will it be? any shops selling filter that's big enuff for it? :devil:
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    funny cat

    interesting..i like tht cat!
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    are singaporeans sick? ---- what do u think?

    no way dude...i wun even let my kids talk about him...
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    are singaporeans sick? ---- what do u think?

    practically everyone in singapore loves william hung...and there are even ppl who claims that he's their idol. in other countries, ppl are labelling william as a disgrace to the performing world, and yet singaporeans are "worshipping" william, and even paying to watch him perform in...
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    hey bro...how did u take the last pic? r u sure no ps done for this shot? :think:
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    Buy and Sell problem?

    i cant view buy n sell also
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    Suggestions for Buy n Sell

    what about catagorising the Buy n Sell into different Camera brands? (E.g Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Tamron, etc) ...makes it easier to look for items for our cameras, instead of having to browse through the whole list of items of other brands?
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    POLL: how many sets of batteries u have?

    550ex with cp-e2??? :devil:
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    POLL: how many sets of batteries u have?

    jus wan to see how many sets of batteries the average CS member has...i personally have 3 sets sanyo2100mAh, 1 set sanyo 2300mAh, 1 set energizer 2000mAh, 4 set energizer alkaline (backup)... :devil:
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