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  • HI , thanks your reply...Problems are for me.. they are very near(pratically sleeping next to me everyday.maybe 1 meter away; only the glass panel and curtails are there. i tried all kinds of metering but pics not very good. i also tried with my lx3.. pics are better but still not to my likings.. thinks its statrs to nest already(tonight), the nest is big and finished .... will wait still , i see egges and maybe for them to hatch than willfollow your advices , try to open the glass panel... thanks and happy birdings .. good night.
    Hi Derrick,

    When the birds are starting to build the nest, I dared not open the glass sliding door and have to shoot thru the glass - with no use of flash. So lighting was tricky, especially in the late afternoon. My better shots are all taken during morning sun and hence not too bad. I have the 50 f1.4 and I added a +4 to make it like a closeup. So managed to shoot some decent ones. Use f8, iso 400 to get high shutter speed, preferrably 1/250 hand held should be fine.
    Now the chicks are hatched so I slowly open the glass door bit by bit, day by day till it gets accustomed to it. Now it does not mind the glass door being open and hence I could use fill in flash with my 400mm at 10 feet away.

    Good luck in your nesting experience with the cuties.
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