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    WTSell: Mirrorless - Fuji X-E2 + XF18-55mm Kit Lens with Accessories

    Classifieds Type: WTSell Equipment Type: Mirrorless Brand: Fuji Short Description: X-E2 + XF18-55mm Kit Lens with Accessories Price (S$): 700 Condition of Item(s): 7 Detailed Description: Selling my beloved Fujifilm X-E2 with XF18-55mm kit lens. Taken lots of lovely street...
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    WTBuy: Lens - Fuji Fujinon XF 10-24mm F4

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Fuji Equipment Model: Fujinon XF 10-24mm F4 Budget (S$): Please make an offer Description: I'm looking for a mint condition Fujinon XF 10-24mm. With or without warranty. If you're interested to sell, please...
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    Tips for taking Great Food Photos - by Alex Ortega

    Default Re: Tips for taking Great Food Photos - by Alex Ortega 1. Paul29128 2. Jamil 3. Jake 4. Larry Haydn 5. Stephen32 6. Limchuang88 7. Thom Khoo - Peter 8. richy88 9. Francis Lim 10. Pang Teng Lin 11. C E Tan 12. Calvin Huang 13. Lew Sin Hoe 14. edwardv 15. Kathy U 16. Rivervale 17...
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    <Wedding Photography - Tips and Techniques> by Raymond Phang. Saturday 7th Feb 1-3pm

    1: HippingHippo 2: Cowseye 3: MJ 4: malkw 5: khhc02 6: alastorlucy 7: customwriter 8: JustinJoyfish 9: Spidey007 10: cereal 11 Sosharp 12: iamivanlim 13: Brice Cheong 14. SyncGuy 15. szeping 16. gnohz 17. Andrew 18. duckvader2001 19. Zeonz 20. Rahul 21. KelvinChooi 22: Elfean 23: NinjaVan 24...
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    Should I get rid of an old SLR?

    LOL!!! Thanks for your enthusiastic reply glenn! Think I'm gonna keep it, who knows I could do some snapping around during retirement! hahaha :bsmilie:
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    Should I get rid of an old SLR?

    Looks like the general concensus is to keep my SLR... guess I'll just hold on to it. Come to think of it, I can't bear to sell it off also... it would be nice if there's a digital backpack that can mount to it and make it a hybrid cam hahahaha. :think: Folks, thank you so much for your...
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    Sodium Hyposulphite

    Geezz! I'm getting rusty with all these stuff.... goes to show how long I've never been to the darkroom. :( Guess I have to go refresh myself.... sorry sidetracked! If I remember correctly, I use to use Hypo for fixing films, it's just that the dilution ratios are different from prints...
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    Should I get rid of an old SLR?

    Yeah I've been pondering for quite a while, yet seeing myself not taking it out to use in such a long time, the only occasion was when I took for my friend's wedding a year ago. I've set my eyes on getting a simple P&S camera so that I could bring around instead of lugging the cam on holidays...
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    High Res scanning of 35mm negatives @ $6 per roll 36exp only~!

    Hi Kex, pls pm me your shop and time details. Btw, how many photos can a CD store up to? Thanks.
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    Should I get rid of an old SLR?

    Hi folks, I'm seeking a general opinion and consensus here, would really appreciate your input. I've got a non-digital Nikon SLR with flash and lenses that I have not been using in a long while. And now that digital cams are an in-thing, do you think it's worth selling it away? Thanks!
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