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    [S.F.P] "Garden's Flower" Photography Tips With Outing.

    I missed it. :( My fault for being late.
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    Anyone doing fruit & vegetable and fruit plants photography?

    In your second photo, I'm curious with the dessert looking glass. So I would probably close the aperture to include the dessert into focus and use the ingredients as leading line all the way to the glass. Or exclude the glass and just have the fresh fruits.
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    My Foodporn Attempts

    I think you are shooting at a kopitiam using canon point and shoot so you are limited with your available resources. I'm also surprised your second photo is 1/30s and still sharp. Anyway, first photo the red chopstick is taking the attention away from the food so comparably, second one is...
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    All my photos are just personal work. Adding one more. Chicken in Tomato Sauce by Jeric Santiago on 500px
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    Anyone doing fruit & vegetable and fruit plants photography?

    Since you posted in food, I assume you are shooting fruit and vegetable indoors, as in plated or still life and not outdoor (as in nature)? If so, normally I would shoot using 50mm or narrower unless its just 1 pc or a bunch that is centered and I want to make my tomato huge. This way those at...
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    Turntable Breakfast by Jeric Santiago on 500px Coffee & Bread Time by Jeric Santiago on 500px
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    Amos Yee vs Steven Lim

    Kind of weird to compare steve jobs and bill gates to amos yee. I think amos yee is a sociopath and he just recycled his "research" from roy. And worst, saying the person who bailed him is a molester, and then apologize by saying his definition of "molest" is different from what society...
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    Confession of an ex Singapore Girl

    This is a tricky situation. Some people may choose the flight to sleep in between hectic schedule before and after the flight. So if you are in her shoe, either you wake the passenger or not wake, the chance of making the pasenger upset is 50%-50%. Sticker for instruction is a good idea.
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    Fireworks cum Beerfest 29th June

    I missed this! Anything with beer I'm all for it. :(
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    Friend's bands: La Sisa & xGF

    Just for sharing. Some of my friends' passion are music. La Sisa plays mostly shoegaze and punk, xGF mostly plays popular girly songs (not sure if that is an official genre). Bea of La Sisa. Les of La Sisa xGF
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    Do you find browsing the web on your phone practical?

    Its not a matter of which is best but in certain circumstance, one is better than the other. Assuming its 3G and not WIFI, the bigger the screen, the worst it is in terms of portability. So if you are mobile with limited space, like standing on a train from jurong to pasir ris, a small phone...
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    Post your 'Before' & 'After' Post Processing pictures

    Left: original with blue cast due to 'disco' spotlight Right: desaturated the excess red and blue, crop empty spaces, bumped the contrast with s-curve, vibrance, selective vignette, etc - all in lightroom
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    Pet: Rocky the Rabbit

    * update
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    a bleached portrait

    I also think its good and actually believes defining which photo is manupulated and falls out of the "photography" category is very subjective and ridiculous (noting the fact that the first HDR 'photograph' was created more than 150 years ago). Anyway, as others mentioned, some parts are sharp...
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