live.love.life.I am a bedok native,vegan sympathizer,bummer by day and come nightfall i dream of something impossible to achieve and my mind wanders off.My closest friend's on earth sticks with me 24/7.We share "up's and downs"together,usually the "up's"We communicates through minds and dreams.I sleep diagonally until i have company,then i sleep lengthwise.I am straight,yet i adore sparkling mineral water and the white fluffy clouds.I have a bionic left shoulder and a twisted right knee.I live in an old building which is more than 20 years,and yes it's haunted and infested with cockroaches.Ewww.I am underpaid and over worked so there is a lingering smell of cheap perfume on me.I have always cringed at the thought of describing myself,and as time wears on,the personal "Bio"is a necessary evil.So with veiled apology,god blessed you guys with a good day with greatest view.Salud.
Singapore, Singapore


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