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    Some where in a town known as kalambaka ...

    Awesome landscape..nice photos..
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    Volunteer of Wishes for Japan in AP...

    nice bg..:thumbsup:
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    Sharing A Few Butterflies Part IX

    Female Horsfield Baron C & C welcome
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    Another fly outside my house

    Nice shots..:thumbsup:
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    Some Common & Uncommon Catches

    Awesome shots you got there..:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Mosquitoes catcher..")

    Great shots..
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    My simple lotus..

    Awesome pictures..great details..:thumbsup:
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    Sharing A Few Butterflies Part IX

    Yellow Archduke C & C welcome..thanks
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    macro, ID needed.

    nice catch..
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    The return of the green crested lizard!

    Wow, nice detail shots...:thumbsup:
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    Some Butt Shots [madmartian]

    Nice butt shots...:thumbsup:
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    Great shot dragonflying...:thumbsup:
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    Morning adventure into Lorong Kebasi

    Nice shots...:thumbsup:
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    Just a few bobo shots

    Nice detail shots...:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Sharing A Few Butterflies Part IX

    Blue Glassy Tiger