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    WTSell: Others - cam-in CAM8825

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Others Equipment Brand: cam-in Equipment Model: CAM8825 Price (S$): 17 Description: CAM-in Ninja Series Dual-Purpose 38mm Nylon Camera Strap Please refer to this webpage for reference...
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    Miao Laan Colour Centre

    hai kelvyn, May i know how much does it cost for printing a 8R or S8R photo?:)
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    Just bought D80

    hai guys... i just bought my D80 kit (18-135mm) as well, not from John 3:16 but from AP funan instead... It's 1.6K inclusive of GST... got the tripod and the lowepro bag as well... so maybe for those who considering to get one, perhaps u guys can drop by there... can save 20 dollar... ;)
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    More from the home

    ...ermmm... is it the dissecting blade?... those blade that ppl use to cut up frogs or mice in those biology lab session... or used by a surgeon in operation...? ;)
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    INFRARED CITY - Exhibition @ National Library (Bugis) 1st to 16th Sept 2007

    ...went there this afternoon... it's really a must see exhibition... ;) Really like those photos... niceeeeee... :cool:
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    CANON-THE NEW PAPER Young Photographer of the Year

    hai everybody, i just wondering whether any of u guys know how many semifinalist they going to select? and how they going to select the finalists? Is it base on the voting system by public? :)
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    Xin Qing Rong Ji (XQRJ) National Chinese Song Writing Competition Grand Final

    ohhh...ermm..hehh... sorry sorry... didn't think about it in the 1st place :embrass: ...just want to help them cause it's a very nice competition and thought wanna share with bro and sis here... Anyway, it's alright if moderator want to take out this thread... :)
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    Xin Qing Rong Ji (XQRJ) National Chinese Song Writing Competition Grand Final

    Xin Qing Rong Ji National Chinese Song Writing Competition Grand Final YOU ARE WELCOME TO OUR GRAND FINAL ! We welcome a new year with our Grand Final. Showcasting 10 Finalists from various school around Singapore. From Ballad to Rock, from Pop to Rhythm & Blues (R&B), their live...
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    Color Blindness.

    hai there, i dun think colour-blindness will affect u becoming a free lance photographer coz i have a big bro who has colour blindness himself but he can take very good photos with excellent colour and contrast... So dun let this become a factor... ;)
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    How to maintain equipment for long trips

    heeheee... now is a very stress period and everybody seems so stress and so am i...:confused: then try to reduce stress by looking at other bro's and sis's photo lorr... heeheee... anyway... if u still remember, last year NUS Sci Coop has this mini dehumidifier and it cost around $20... but...
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    How to maintain equipment for long trips

    yo bro yang, u going to europe arghhhh!!!!?? for 6 months somemore... then u can visit auntie dy and the rest over there lorr... haha... anyway, sorry to crashing in ur thread... heeheee... ;p
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    yep... thanks raptor84 for the comment... will try it again next time... :) haha... thanks thankss... glad that u like it... ermmm... anytime after next week ba... heeheee...;)
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    yep... point noted... thanks thanksss for the comment... :)
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    #1 #2 :)
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    Another water lily...

    wow...thankss thankssss... :D
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