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    Extreme Vignetting ???

    Very interesting. Reminds me of an egg painting....
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    Chiang Mai, Thailand (part 1/4) - The sacred

    Nice! Really love your photoset.
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    Which combination on storage method do you prefer when you go tour?

    Usually with 2 CF cards and me mac.
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    Night time lights

    You might want to consider taking the shot with a tripod.
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    Building in China Town

    You shot looks a little flat and the contrast seems a little low.
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    Nikon 50mm f1.8D Lens

    Its faster for starters and that help alot esp if you do indoor shoots. Body is more solid compared to the f1.8. Price wise.....killer.
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    Esplanade (around & under)

    Why should a faster shutterspeed be used to capture the last shot? Thought the motion blur redendered gave the picture more impact.
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    Manual SLR Recommendations

    Really?...Hmmm we should arrange to meet sometime....;) haha
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    Express Way

    In addition to the motion blur,your pictures don't see to be sharp at all. Was this taken with a tripod or handheld?
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    Manual SLR Recommendations

    Haha...no money so cannot change sides i think....:D
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    Star Watch

    What was your exposure setting?
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    Your shot looks a little too cluttered. Perhaps you might want to just focus in the bride and cut out the beach portion.
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    Singapore Photographers...all angles

    Natural lighting is one thing. But sometimes you need it to use it as a fill flash. Especially when its very bright.
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    Manual SLR Recommendations

    Gee thanks, know nuts abt K-mounts. you know the general prices? Not too sure that I want to invest anymore in that camera...haha.
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    Event photography

    Indoor or outdoor?
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