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    nuphoto shop

    I just had bad experience at nu photo. did not get cheated, but their sales practice is questionable. One of their staff posted a camera in carousell at $580, i enquired everything from include gst to availabilty of stocks. then when making my way down, the staff (name start with W) told me no...
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    Fuji X10, so pretty!

    Did not see any Fuji Sitex advertisement of X10....
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    Fuji X10, so pretty!

    All is GST included?
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    Official 600D Users Thread

    Anybody knows?
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    Official 600D Users Thread

    Which shop have the best price for just the body no lens?
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    If i trade in a DSLR, eg, 20D, compared to trade in a pns, any difference? Can get more discount?
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    Anyone daring enough to use entry level 550D for weddings?

    Last time shoot with 400D. Backup is 20D but didn't use. Main photog. Clients loved wat i delivered to them. Anyway i am selling them memories captured in images, I'm not selling them cameras.
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    Tamron 18-270 PZD

    Anyone knows when this will be available in Singapore? Seems like already out in Indonesia.
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    Fuji X100

    I have a question, it doesn't say anywhere that the lens is interchangeable. So we r stuck with this 23mm f/2?
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    Experienced food photographer needed

    Hi, thanks to all who have responded. To everyone, please send your details direct to the email address indicated in the 1st post. Don't PM me as I am only posting this thread on behalf of someone else.
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    Experienced food photographer needed

    Experienced food photographer needed to shoot food for a restaurant/cafe chain to be used for menu and posters. Estimated 2-4 days of shooting. All applicants need to show their food photography portfolio that they have done for other restaurants. Unfortunately those with no food portfolio...
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    Y these buildings in the landscape pix looks flat??

    Hmmm, up your contrast and saturation (colour) in camera or post processing.
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    My one and only F1 photo...

    ..of something else besides cars and drivers
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    Going to Japan on 26 Nov - Advise needed

    So what lens are you getting for your wide angle?
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