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    WTBuy: Video Cameras - Other Mini DV / HDV Camera with Firewire output

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Video Cameras Equipment Brand: Other Equipment Model: Mini DV / HDV Camera with Firewire output Budget (S$): Discuss Description: Looking for Mini DV / HDV Camcorder with firewire output. Hopefully 3ccd and min 1/3" size sensor. Pro...
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    WTSell: Video Accessories - DPA DPA 4017B-R Shotgun Mic

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Video Accessories Equipment Brand: DPA Equipment Model: DPA 4017B-R Shotgun Mic Price (S$): 3000 Description: 4017B-R Shotgun Microphone w. Rycote®...
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    Rental of NX5

    Hmm the 160 and 250 looks interesting. didn't catch that news earlier. Not sure abt the panasonic sensors though, as those cameras that I have seen so far, it seems to me sony performs slightly better in low light.
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    Rental of NX5

    Ah, at last. Wasn't the case last week when I was looking for solutions.
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    Rental of NX5

    blackmidnight: The atomos sales support is quite terok lehz....... They dun reply emails one. Furthermore no official distributor here. Technically should be competent set though esp with the powerful FPGA processing. Dixon: Ya, the cost adds up, but when you look at the options around, quite...
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    Rental of NX5

    Well link it up with a aja ki mini and record to prores422, I think its a good lightweight package. The strength is in its hd-sdi output.
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    Rental of NX5

    havent found one yet. Rented a EX1 instead. Maybe I should buy one since my regular cam op who i work with already has one......
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    Speaker recommendation for desktop video editing

    Contact me if ur interested in Fostex. Adams are good if u have decent budget, not expensive, but not dirt cheap either. Broadcast professional is the current distributor I think.
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    Rental of NX5

    Hey guys, Anyone has any idea who has Sony NX5 inventory for rental? Called around for those I know and no one seems to have it. Cheers XJ
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    WTBuy: Video Accessories - Others Video Mixer

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Video Accessories Equipment Brand: Others Equipment Model: Video Mixer Budget (S$): Offer Description: Hi guys, I am looking for a used video mixer. Something around the Datavideo SE-500 range. If you have a cheap dv tape recorder to...
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    OEM Microsoft softwares?

    Well, what they do in US in the past is to sell a USB cable together with the OEM license. "Bought together with new hardware" :P
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    Video Tripod + Fluid Head Recommendation

    Someone just has to complain and mods has to enforce lorz. I don't blame the mods for not being able to catch such cases cause I think there are so many things up their hands already.
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    More about Video Compression & Video Formats

    Hi Dixon, great post and hope will clear things up for many newbies. ________ Buy vaporizer
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    WTBuy: Video Accessories - Sennheiser/Shure/Audio Technica Wireless Microphone

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Video Accessories Equipment Brand: Sennheiser/Shure/Audio Technica Equipment Model: Wireless Microphone Budget (S$): depends Description: I am looking for wireless microphones, non ENG type(AKA not bodypack receiver) Must be of the...