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    ~ 2012 : A Brand New Start ~

    nice work
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    olympus om-d versus full frame

    Olympus OM-D versus a full-frame camera -
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    When she is just a little girl

    i think the handshake is a minor issue. i would prefer to include more of the lower half and cut off some of the head. include more of the hands, hopefully the head the shoulders and the hands form a circle.
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    devil in me

    interesting idea, green face with red eyes ?
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    A solitary trip through India [film]

    wonderful photos thats what travel is about, see and experience something different
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    Olympus to make 2x 1x

    its basically reducing the size of full frame image to fit a 43 sensor. quality should b good. bokeh shall b full frame bokeh. welcome news for us.
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    Five, street style

    nice photos, my favorite is the one is the little girl, shows more about her environment
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    kirk tuck : "Yes, the EPM-1. I'm "Pen Ready."
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    love my sri diya areeqah

    she looks full of joy
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    Canon Hanging on to Mirrors Means Opportunity for Sony, Panasonic Cameras

    Panasonic Corp. (6752) and Samsung Electronics Co. are also leaving out mirrors to reduce the size and cost of cameras, with Japanese consumers being among the earliest adopters. Canon and Nikon, under pressure from smartphones in the low-end market, may further undermine their lead in the $6.5...
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    Canon Hanging on to Mirrors Means Opportunity for Sony, Panasonic Cameras
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    [ news ] - m43 sweeping across japan That sets a new record in Japan. According to BCNranking nine of the last week twenty most sold system cameras are from Olympus/Panasonic! As you can see from the image on top even the...
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    pen mini availability

    is this available yet ? anywhere ? worldwide ?
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    i cook, i bake

    expensive crockery, mayo cheese bun does not look $20