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    advice on poor image quality / contrast

    I merely suggested that the TS try out f/11 or f/16 since the second photo sample looked like scenery/landscape. The reason is so that the TS can see the results of max. depth of field when taking scenery, and TS can decide whether TS likes or dislikes the results. (I may be assuming too much...
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    advice on poor image quality / contrast

    Its not so bad on a smaller sensor.
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    advice on poor image quality / contrast

    Assume you’ve updated the firmware to 1.3. Try using f/11 or f/16 on the 25mm. It is a very good lens. Also pay attention to the metering that you use for different scenes. ESP and centre-weighted can produce different readings.
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    Upgrade to D5 body or spend money on buying lenses

    I suggest you pick up Bryan Peterson’s book on Understanding Exposure, and practice the examples in the book. Not sure what you learned in those courses you attended, but the book should help you understand what you have been doing wrong. Unfortunately, practice makes perfect. Carry...
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    Upgrade to D5 body or spend money on buying lenses

    I think you should save the money and attend a course on photography instead. Improve your skills before considering buying new gear.
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    E-M1 MK2 external flash cap

    Ori buy from Oly. Third party (or used, if they have) you can try the various cam shops at level 1 Peninsula.
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    Other Alternatives beside Lightroom

    Luminar is not that expensive, have a look at it.
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    Any recommendations for Photo Scanning Services in SG?

    You can try Triple D at Burlington Square.
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    Need some advice

    The A57 is a few years old. If you haven't used it for a long time, sell it. Electronics dont last forever. Besides the iPhone, renting a DSLR is always an option.
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    Repairing old cameras

    If the problem requires parts, you can try to send it to Japan to be fixed.
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    Choosing between an old 35 summilux II (Canada) and 35 Summarit 2.4 ASPH

    Apart from the ASPH, you need to check the filter size. The ASPH takes 46mm if I recall correctly. Price is the other differentiator.
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    Light Leak?

    What lens are you using? Do you have another lens to put another roll through?
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    Migratory Bird Season 2017 | Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve | Singapore

    Human Noise is a problem, especially on Saturdays, when there are more people walking around, or when a large event is held there. I once encountered about 80 students passing through on a Saturday morning, some laughing, some talking loudly, some singing gaily along the trails. They played...
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    Which camera I should get..

    The bird park is a very good place to get bird practice. For the entrance fee, there is no need to hunt for the birds. I can get a very good keeper rate, and don't require a tripod. Just a bag for batteries, a bottle for water, some Oreo 3-packs to snack on before meals, and a teeny plastic...
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    Which camera I should get..

    I seriously think you should go back to the basics: A. Invest in a good lens B. Invest in a good body C. Invest in yourself and your two hands - practice, practice and practice (trips to the bird park/zoo will eat up some dollars, one way or another) When you have shot enough birds or wildlife...
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