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    Price for Olympus Remote Control

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    Who Are You?

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    My Body, My Head

    I see, thanks! But wa...M mode with ISO 800 and the image is still quite sharp.... Maybe should consider this to replace my C2040Z liao...
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    My Body, My Head

    Just chking by M mode do you mean full manual mode where u can adjust the aperture and shuttle speed at the same time? Thanks :)
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    Suggestion for a new digicam

    Hi both, Thanks for your suggestions :) I will try to check out the price of S80.... As for the F11, when will the camera be actually released ah?
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    Suggestion for a new digicam

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new compact digicam to replace my current one (my avatar :)) Originally was considering Olympus SP-350 but I heard that the picture quality is not that good and from a review, picture taken at the widest angle is a bit blur? Budget: Less than $800 Requirement: -...
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    Time To Upgrade?

    I'm still holding on to my C2040Z for now. However due to the size factor now (after adding the convertor), I find myself using it lesser and lesser nowadays..... Is C2040Z still worth to hold on? Or is there any Oly compact camera out there (with manual controls) that I can buy to...
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    Smartmedia Card

    Is it still possible to purchase new smartmedia cards nowadays? Or is it high time I change to a new camera? I'm still holding on to a C2040Z now :P
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    Price for a 2nd Hand Oly C2040Z

    Just chking if I will to sell off 1.5 yr old C2040Z, still got ppl wanna buy or not? If yes, about how much can I sell it for? Thanks....
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    NEW!! Olympus flash FL-20 !!!

    And it can't swivel or tilt :(
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    Olympus Service Centre Moved?!

    I dun quite like a flash that is hanging to the left of the camera lor, makes it overall very big and bulky :( And takes sometime to assemble as well..... I still envy my G2 friend who can put a flash directly on top of his hotshoe.....
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    Looking for a Compact Camera

    Hi all, Long time no see to those who know me :D Just wanna check, for a budget between $600 ~ $700, is there any compact digicam that is available now more for ladies? One I know is the Oly Mju-300. Don't need too complex one, normal P&S can also do. Just that pic quality must be...
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    Olympus Service Centre Moved?!

    Hmm yeah lor no harm trying. Anyway if cannot, then I just walk over to Oly @ Hill St, now so near somemore :D Wa u got a G3 liao ah! For me I'm still holding to C2040Z. Partly due to no money :D and also I'm using my cam for casual use and covering some company events nowadays.... Only...
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    Olympus Service Centre Moved?!

    I see but I think that version quite rare ah...?