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    A shoot for a cause ~ Joey

    Aww.. Chill guys..:) Some important things and details to be noted imho, as per the pioneers. :) Btw, gorgeous model sir. Cheeros! :)
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    Tang Shooters CI - TCSS Thread...

    Happy valentines my dearest butties!!! Clubsnap is on apple!! Kiss kiss!! 
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    Tang Shooters XCIX - TCSS Thread...

    OLA BUTTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!:):lovegrin:
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    Tang Shooters XCVIII - TCSS Thread...

    ola butties!!!:)
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    Can you see me?

    yah lah.. with 2 big blackeyes...:bsmilie:
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    Tang Shooters XCVIII - TCSS Thread...

    :lovegrin:OLA BUTTIES!!!!:) Have a great weekend.. ------------------:bsmilie::bsmilie::bsmilie:-----------------------
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    Land escapism

    Hey bro! great set here!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Now it's time to go on a real adventure outside the red dot!!!:D rock en roll!!!:devil:
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    I love Long Exposure ... ( 4mins of EXpoure )

    now you're talking...:bsmilie: hope to see more from you...:) go out and burn some calories...:p
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    Semporna (Sabah, Malaysia)

    :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: grest set again sis!:) Regards, Bill
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    Tang Shooters XCVIII - TCSS Thread...

    OLA BUTTIES!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend guys!!!:)
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    [adrewine] ~ Around the World with Oly

    How come i missed this awesome thread?...:bsmilie: subscribing...:D keep em coming dude!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Diving at Maldives

    i wanna go inside my monitor right now dude!!!:bsmilie:
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    Diving at Maldives

    :heart: LIKE!!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: :)
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    Tang Shooters XCVII - TCSS Thread...

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup::thumbsup: :)
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    B+W ND110 77mm Filter