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  • Hi Yabuki,

    very sorry to disappoint you about the adobe. My adobe is from my gf. She works as a graphic designer so the company installs one in her laptop. everytime i need to use it I just use her laptop. :)

    Frankly, finepix viewer is one of the worst imaging software around, so don't bother to install it.

    For the energizer, i use the rechargable ones. for one straight long use without flash, I can go about 2 hours. But frankly, the non-rechargable ones are better. I've tried using those which are silver colored, top of the line. I went for 3 hours. Note that all these are without using flash at daytime.

    To focus, you will have to press the shutter halfway until you hear the "bee-beep" sound. Only then you should press all the way down. Do this everytime you take pix, not just for macro. Your pic will turn out sharper. :)

    I hope these help. Have fun trying! :D
    Yo dude.

    Thx for the prompt reply~

    May I ask you some of the more sensitive qns here? where do you get your adobe from? any direct download link, apart from bittorrent?

    For your energizer, if it's rechargeable, how long u charge, and how long it normally lasts?

    As for the macro, i didnt focus 1st. so means that, i have to set the proper setting, make sure the screen is clear with the right shutter speed and aperture, then i macro.
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