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    going to japan

    TMC: i be heading to tokyo. ya stay in that area? Prismatic: hahah i havent thought about the hp autoroaming rates over there. mm i guess if i were to set to autoroam with my service provider it will cost quite alot. so i guess i will be leaving my cell phone back at home regarding the...
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    going to japan

    oo eh then in that case what should i do in order to be able to charge my stuff over there? cause my ixus 430 does come with a few wires with different power heads. what bout things like my hp and ipod? any where i can find solutions? sorry i feel rather stupid asking this but it has to...
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    going to japan

    hi there i be going to japan frm the 18-26th this month and i was wondering what sort of power plugs do i need to have in order to charge things like my camera, ipod, hp etc. do they use the 2 pin round head power plugs, 3 pins? or the 2 pin flat head? hope ya guys can help me out thanks ;)
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    yes indeed im the only guy using film on that day. that architectural grad hahaha but nice knowing you guys
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    hi edwin wow the shots turned out quite well. i like the angle it was taken. i wouldnt have thought it would have turned out so damn well. im quite impressed. esp with the last pic. the pose and the background. great stuff!
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    where to buy film and development and print in KL

    anyone has any idea? need reply urgent. i will be heading to kl tml morning and i wish to know where to get film and also to develop and print them in kl. will be there in kl for a week. thanks
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    i dont think sitting in front checking online would help go check classifieds part time positions i think some of them suit your kind of job u looking for or go out there and look for it that's the only choice i can give u
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    Model Shoot - Newbie Studio Workshop, Sat Nov 8th

    hi will there be space available? wish to join in
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    Studio Model Shoot - for Newbies

    oh no i missed the shoot :cry: eh will there be another similar shoot organised soon? studio model shoot for newbies?
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    Model shoot for fun snappers

    1. 2. plsoong (depending on time and date and final cost) 3. Luv_Dance (same depends on time , date and cost) 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. taking my name out first...need more details...
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    Studio Model Shoot - Oct 4 & 18

    hmmm by the way u organise your model shoots...i have this perception that you are a professional studio photographer..hahaha
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    Studio Model Shoot - Oct 4 & 18

    hahahha yeah quite true...anxious and inexperienced...hehe...what do u think i should be prepared for?
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    Studio Model Shoot - Oct 4 & 18

    im interested but den i feel 10mins is kinda new to this sort of photography and im afraid i might not be able to make full use of the 10mins :dunno: ahahah
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    apple ipod 20G for sale

    i think it's perfectly all right to do that.... anyway post the pictures of your ipod...thanks
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    Excentrique lastest web portfolio

    hey cool love the layout and all...just the navigations...after a while u get use to it...anyway great work!