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    sunset on 25 feb, first attempt with hdr

    first attempt at hdr. critique and comment welcome :)
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    gray card for custom white balance

    how many ppl here actually uses a gray card to custom set the white balance before shooting? is it possible to make ur own? any places sell these gray cards?
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    Which AF points when using AI servo

    unless u are very sure u can keep the subject relatively fixed within the centre focusing point, choose all AF points. it will first use the centre AF point to focus, and if the subject moves away, the other AF points would be able to track it.
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    CNY: Chinatown Chinese New Year Light Up @ 27 Jan 2007

    i think earliest should be 7.30pm cos at 7pm the sky would not be dark enough nowadays when the sunset timing is getting later. but its just my guess not confirm ;)
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    CNY: Chinatown Chinese New Year Light Up @ 27 Jan 2007

    anyone going to camp at the hong lim hdb flats there tmr? the fireworks confirm fire from the same place as shown in the photos right?
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    burst rate decreases during AI Servo focus mode?

    i not sure also :dunno: but what i know is that even in AI Servo Mode the burst rate should still be around 5fps. any other 20D users can confirm? thanks ;)
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    Tamron 17-50 f2.8

    is this sharp? 100% crop taken wide open @ f2.8 and at 17mm. no PS done except crop.
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    burst rate decreases during AI Servo focus mode?

    when i used AI Servo to focus on a stationary structure and compared with the normal one shot focus, the latter had a higher burst rate quite close to 5fps while the former had a burst rate of only about 2fps. shutter speed used in both instances were faster than 1/500s so i dun think shutter...
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    burst rate decreases during AI Servo focus mode?

    is it normal for my 20d to experience a decrease in the burst rate when the focus mode is set to AI Servo? :think: thanks
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    canon viewfinder magnifier for 20d?

    the one stated in the manual is the EP-EX15 eyepiece extender that actually reduces viewfinder magnification by 30%.
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    tamron lens calibration

    anyone sent their tamron lens for calibration before? will they send it to japan or will they just calibrate it in singapore? will they charge you for the costs if the lens is still under warranty? by the way the 3 years warranty is international warranty right? thanks :)
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    canon viewfinder magnifier for 20d?

    hi all just wondering if there is a canon viewfinder magnifier available for the 20d? cos i find it quite hard to manual focus using the small viewfinder esp for macros. i know there's a right angle finder but i'm not always taking low level pics. besides it's expensive;p thanks.
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    Butterflies on 15 Jan 2007

    wow very nice pictures :) how did u manage to find so many unique butterflies in 1 day? i like the last one especially. are these shot from the same location? do u mind disclosing it? ;)
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    UV filter or Cir-PL filter ???

    from what i know a polariser works best when the sun is at a low angle in the sky, thus using it after 5pm should yield stronger polarisation :)
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    check shutter count free?

    i remember something about the $21 price. i think it includes sensor cleaning too right? thanks guys for ur answers, i will call canon singapore to find out more :)
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