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    bukit timah nature reserve

    One can voice their opinion against the tunnel here. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1huPW-Qzb7FXSX9fu8RqsSdZVYAcPK9N50NsvfkZcpY8/viewform There are also activities being held to educate the public about MacRitchie. https://www.facebook.com/lovemacritchie Finally to clarify, the tunnels will...
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    WTBuy: Lens - Fuji xf23mm

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Fuji Equipment Model: xf23mm Budget (S$): 700 to 800 Description: Looking for a used XF23mm. Real Name: Adriane Contact Number: 98297168 Warranty Status: Nice to have but not necessary...
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    WTBuy: Lens - Fuji XF 23mm

    Forgot to include my number. Please text me at 98 two 9 seven one six eight
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    WTBuy: Lens - Fuji XF 23mm

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Fuji Equipment Model: XF 23mm Budget (S$): please quote me Description: Looking for a full boxed good condition XF23mm lens. Prefer to deal in town or in the east. Real Name: Adriane Warranty Status: Good to...
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    Keeps getting ad popups and redirection when using Clubsnap

    Hi to update, I have checked and it seems that the clubsnap page could be uploading the following cookies to my web browser. Adnetworkperformance Advancemaccleaner
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    Keeps getting ad popups and redirection when using Clubsnap

    Hi there, I seem to be having a problem of getting redirected to ad pages such as Adbusiness network etc when I access the clubsnap forum pages especially the buy and sell section. I have used malware detection software and no malware is detected in my system. Anyone else has the same...
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    Shameless couple with skin thicker than castle wall

    We have weak enforcement towards animal abuse in Singapore. Half the time poachers, abusers get away with it because if inaction or judgement that in AVA's eyes there is no cruelty. In this case I think if not for the public uproar, the couple might have gotten away with it. I for one find...
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    Don't have a good experience with 3rd party batteries. One bloated up and the other can't hold a charge to last more than 100 shots.
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    Do young people really think like that?

    You know in the past when Singaporeans migrated overseas or were studying overseas. What made us stand out? That we were willing to work harder than the locals, we were willing to take up part time jobs, we were willing to do what others wouldn't do. That gained us respect as doers and...
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    Good and affordable foot reflexology in Singapore

    Try Foot Haven.
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    Mounting Zenit 50mm 2.0 lens on X mount cameras

    Apologies if this has been posted before. Googled but can't find an answer. Is the Fuji M Mount compatible with the Zenit 50mm lens? Or is there a different adapter to be used?
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    WTBuy: Bags - Crumpler Haven Large

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Bags Equipment Brand: Crumpler Equipment Model: Haven Large Budget (S$): name your offer Description: Looking for a Haven large size. PM me your offer. Real Name: Lee Warranty Status: NIL
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    Many thanks for the kind advise! Noted on it being the same camera and will look out for the warranty status!
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    Many thanks!I am actually heading to Tokyo next month and was thinking of getting the XT1 18 to 135 set there. Advisable? I understand Fujifilm warranty is international?
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