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    IPPT at Safra toa payoh

    go for RT for the money
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    came across a mini4wd Tamiya race

    the boys are so cute
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    09 National Bike Trial Championship Round 2

    seems like there is no crowd.
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    PC show 2009

    hire 10 promotors, where got logic to sell cheap?
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    Tuas Track Motard Session

    ktm bike as a motard. nice
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    IT Show 2009

    no chio bu peekture ???
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    Is someone hijacking Clubsnap?

    like that also song
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    Class 2B Biker Fall in!

    hi static korkor :cool:
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    Class 2B Biker Fall in!

    old thread man. wah even leejay got bounced. haha.
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    My first Contri *BikeAsia09*

    nowadays, no ps done means no comments, got to learn with the young ones.
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    Armed Forces Career Exhibition 2009

    quite empty... maybe becos of rain
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    Bike Asia 2009

    lots of empty space... this should be their swan song
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    Armed Forces Career Exhibition 2009

    with the job market.... will be flooded
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