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    Which lens to use in Japan?

    Hi! I'm thinking since you have a multi purpose lens already, probably you might want to get a fast prime lens for low light situation. 15-85 is great for sharpness but its not much diff from your 18-200mm expect its wider. 17-55 is a great lens, but I'm thinking it overlap too much, though the...
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    Quotations from my dogs

    I like #1. Thanks for sharing :)
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    7D with or without kit lens?

    I would suggest getting the 7D with the 15-85 kit lens. :)
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    Sony NEx Released SG June 10

    May I know if the 300$ voucher is for 18-55mm or 16mm only or it can be used to purchase 18-200mm as well?
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    My Sony Exclusive invites you the NEX era of digital photography. Register now

    Thanks for the update Jacob.. A little disappointed that thre's no update on the price and availability ):
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    Sony NEx Released SG June 10

    Could someone kindly update on the launching event today? :) thanks!
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    Leica X1 owner's thread

    Hi TS, I'm also interested in getting this. Do you mind if you could share how much you got it and where? I can't wait to see your pic from your X1 :)
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    Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 7 - How to use?!

    I can't remeber already.. haha.. happy shooting and hope your cam is fine =)
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    Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 7 - How to use?!

    Hi, I bought my gf one of this and if I din rmb wrongly you have to pull the lens out from the body to start it up as the lens is retracted by a spring into the body. Focusing wise I'm not so sure just thought it's fun to keep snapping. I guess there's no focusing one I'm not too sure. Hope I...
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    To get 50d kit 1 or 50d body w/50mm 1.8?

    Yeap. The bag is like a backpack =)
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    Canon EOS 40D Digital Camera for Sale

    Wrong place my friend =) Try to buy and sell section.
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    50D user....come in!!!

    I don't mind =) Anyoe else care to join? =)
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    50D user....come in!!!

    1) Shinomori 2) Roasty 3) clioboy 4) Rubber_Duck 5) gwunwai 6) hammie 7) Blackgoddess 8) Habib Ansari 9) alieniverson79 10) alling 11) Jules 12) linkk 13) sanfong 14) bEnd1ck 15) lyz77 16) Andrewyeo85 17) jhune09 18) solasido 19) Geylang 20) Sukevin 21) Gonjolz 22) khloh46...
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    basic set up for canon.

    Maybe a 70-200mm would be better :devil:
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    WTSell: Lens - Canon ef 85mm f1.8 repost!

    Buyer not feeling well last min. thread will close for the moment.
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