A very photography-biased iPhone XS review

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Some very interesting details in John Gruber's review of the iPhone XS and XS Max – https://daringfireball.net/2018/09/the_iphones_xs#fnr5-2018-09-18

His conclusion: For anyone upgrading from an older iPhone, the iPhone XS and XS Max should seem amazing in every regard. Compared to last year’s iPhone X, the XS and XS Max are solid refinements across the board, but deliver a dramatic year-over-year step forward in photo and video quality. If you care about the image quality of the photos and videos you shoot with your phone, it’s hard to resist.

ClubSNAP - Our History (revisited and updated for 2018)

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This article was originally published in February 2003, about a year after we were formed. Reposting here as a reference for our members together with an update.

A Brief History of ClubSNAP


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, on a magical world with pixies, genies, fairies and sub-S$1K 20Mpix DSLRs .... oops, sorry, that one from my dreams :D
(2011 update: we are still not there yet, close though)
(2018 update: Well, not quite DSLRs but you can now get smartphone cameras and compacts that provide in excess of 20Mpix images)

This brief history and update are for those members who have been wondering about how ClubSNAP came to be and who are the people behind ClubSNAP. W hope you find it interesting reading.

The Early Days in HardwareZone (HWZ)
The origin of ClubSNAP can be traced way, way back to the Digicam & Photography SIG sub-forum in HWZ. During the time in HWZ, once the sub-forum became popular, the number of postings in...

A new, fresh look to ClubSNAP for 2018

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Hi everyone,

This update has been long overdue and I remember posting about it way back in May 2017. Long story short is that we were waiting for a stable software version and to ensure that the functionality of the old forums software is maintained as much as possible after we move to a new software platform.

ClubSNAP New Logo


There is still some work to be done but we wanted to open up the forums for members in the meantime. As I mentioned before, one of the biggest advantages of this new software is the ability to drag-and-drop image files for a direct upload to our servers, but even in saying that, there are two options available to members. This works across desktop and mobile browsers and you can select images to upload directly from your phone or tablet.

Inline attachment to threads/posts
Images can be attached to posts as it is being written, but the attachment size will be limited to 600px maximum dimension.

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