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Thread: 24-70mm F2.8 vs 24-120 F4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kit View Post
    f/2.8 not fast enough for you........
    you got me wrong here…..

    Quote Originally Posted by Kit View Post
    f/2.8 not enough DOF for you.......
    you got me right here….

    Quote Originally Posted by Kit View Post
    talk about irony...........
    I had never at any point of time said I wanted wider apertures (from fast lens) & expect greater DOF at the same time because I know they have an inverse relationship, other factors aside. I am merely stating that much as the 24-70 is touted as the ideal & obviously better lens than the 24-120 for low light applications, it still has its limitations & compromises. Saying that something is not as fast & as useful as it is claimed by others does not mean I wanted it faster. You just made an assumption. Can see from rest of my comments & other posts here that my preoccupation is not on speed (esp that 1 stop difference), that DOF is equally if not more important to me for my objective. What’s the point of more speed if it still results in blur photos. If you can take a sharper photo using 1/30s @ f4 (with VR) as compared to 1/60s @ f2.8 for a relatively stationary subject (as in a model), which one would you prefer? Of course moderating ISO is another alternative. My comments are to share my experience & preference that hopefully help in TS evaluation, not just to pass 1-3 liners criticism of others opinions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daredevil123 View Post
    In the end the tool is just a tool.
    I agree on this & expressed the same, many times in different ways, here & elsewhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by daredevil123 View Post
    You need to know how to use it. You are your own limiting factor, not the lens.
    Yes knowing how to use something is vital. But knowing what to use, which tool to choose that is relevant & highly effective to what one wants to achieve, is equally important. Lens have limitations, so has the person behind it, that’s why all these “debate” going on.

    Quote Originally Posted by daredevil123 View Post
    BTW Hotel room shooters seldom use 24-70 afaik. Most of them use fast primes.
    I was merely giving an illustration of a particular experience to explain my point, not that I am mainly a “hotel room shooter” Some prefer zooms/variable FLs for obvious reasons. Yes I have & use faster primes but as I have shared, my concerns are not just lens speed alone & no, I don’t think of it as a solution to all photographic situations, much as some may disagree.

    Quote Originally Posted by daredevil123 View Post
    Just my 2 cents.
    Thanks for the contributions. I get richer by the day
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    Quote Originally Posted by NineEleven
    Depends on what you usually shoot. My 24-70 is often sitting in the drybox now as I usually use primes & a super zoom for holidays like the 28-300. I do find that 70 max is quite handicapped for holidays while the good ISO quality of D700 helps to compensate for the loss if you use the F4. I'll switch to primes for low lights & evenings.
    Same here, except I use the 24-120mm. The 24-70mm is my least used lens, think i have not even used it before. The wide end of the 24-120mm is underwhelming, but I like the fact that it has VR.

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