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Thread: Changing DSLR to 4/3 system with interchangeable lens

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    Default Re: Changing DSLR to 4/3 system with interchangeable lens

    Quote Originally Posted by yrh0413 View Post
    you have pretty good setup... wanna consider getting a used M9 + some Zeiss/ Voigtlanders?
    M9 + lens is not really that light...........(when compared to mirrorless cams)
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    Default Re: Changing DSLR to 4/3 system with interchangeable lens

    I used Nex for one year , they really have problems with 3rd party lenses. So, if you choose the new, you probably will stay with original lenses ( otherwise you have lots of, and not always successful post processing) . The issues with 3rd party lenses was the main reason I sold my next ,...additional, the menus / user interface are really made for hobby photographers. The Nex-7 has much better controls / user interface. But same , or even bigger issue with 3rd party lenses.
    After 2 weeks with my Ricoh GXR A12/M , I have to say, this camera works perfect with 3rd party lenses...maybe because it is the only one which is really designed to do so.

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    Default Re: Changing DSLR to 4/3 system with interchangeable lens

    What's important to you? AF speed? OOC Colors? Looks? Sensor Size? Hi Iso performance? Shallow DOF?

    Since you had narrowed down to m43 & Ricoh:

    The m43 has the most comprehensive AF lenses at the moment. For better OOC jpgs and skintones, Olympus is best. Pany is better in sensor since they supply it to Oly and are generally better in that aspect, and video. The primes are really good, 12mmF2, 45/1.8, 20/1.7, 25/1.4 and are very small. With 2x crop, the DOF of m43 will be deeper than APS-C sensors or fullframe. m43 is a compromise between performance (hi iso, dynamic range, deeper DOF) vs portability.
    I only use Pen so here's some difference: Latest E-P3 / E-PL3 are fast AF, though low light can hunt still, generally the Pany are as good or even better sometimes. E-PL3 has no built in flash it comes external bundled. So if you use EVF you can't use the flash. EP3 is metallic, OLED screen while EPL3 is plastic. EPL3 has a tilt screen, EP3 fixed.

    Ricoh GXR A12 has 28 and 50mm for AF with APS-C sensor, but you have to pay for the sensor+lens mounts and that's expensive. The M mount though opens a different world of experience, and colors from Ricoh is also very nice, but it's MF...

    I use both and you can see my flickr sets on both cameras. I use Pen when I need AF, i have epl1 which is great value but slow AF, no issue mostly, plus the ooc jpgs is really good. I use GXR when I have the need for shallower DOF for portraits and manual lenses.

    So best is to know what you need and test out the above. Hope that helps more than it confuses
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