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Thread: Using Mac for photo editing

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    Just thought I highlight to the folks here. Made my plunge and settled on an imac. It was a learning curve for me during the transition from windows to mac. But have finally settled down on it. Once again thanks to all the contributers dor airing their views and feedback. Next challenge for 2012. Monitor and printer calibration ("-_-). (this one I really sweat)

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    U got 27" or 21.5 imac ? I got one last mth, 21.5"...

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    No... I am not an advanced mac user... just a normal end user ... haha

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    Haha if that's dun need to buy hardware calibrator. There are software based calibration available

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    Hi, Just want to check with those who bought iMac 27".
    Any problem with your iMac screen? is your screen white balance even across the screen?
    i bought 27" iMac last month and found my screen has yellow tinge at the bottom with slightly horizontal band (not so obvious)
    actually the current set i have is already a replacement set (the 1st set was a faulty set due to wifi problem)
    now still waiting for another replacement set due to yellow tinge color at the bottom of the screen
    wondering any of you encounter the same problem or not.

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    Not that I can see unless I have color deficiency

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