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Thread: Second body

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    May be get a 70-300mm lens instead......

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    Actually for travel and based on your equipment list, I would bring:

    1.4x converter
    and a 50L for low light

    The later 2 items are not on your list, so you have to decide if you need it, but for the reach problem, the 1.4x will solve that, else as someone suggested, the 70-300 is another option, albeit with smaller apertures.

    The drawback of the 16-35 is the lost of sharpness on the edges at certain f/stops, so you need to stop down for optimal sharpness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chris0804 View Post
    Currently have a 5d2ii but would like another body to mount my 70-200 with for reach. I am looking at a 7d. So in my travel, all I need is my 24-70 on my 5dmkii and a 70-200 f 2.8 IS on a 7D body so no lens changing is required as I have covered from 24 to 320mm.
    Your comments will be greatly appreciated.
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    since you said you are going to be in a vehicle, then just go ahead with the 7D and perhaps the whole of your dry cabinet can tag along too.

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    i tin even 24-70 is too heavy for overseas trip
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    Oh..if u were be in vehicle most of the time.. then ok..u can bring more stuff..But the problem is i dontknow if its really worth it to buy a second body just because you need that crop and maybe lazy to change lens. i will not spend that money..and what about after this trip? will u be in vehicle most of the time for your other trips and are you sure you want to bring the same gears again for your other trips? If you can jusify then by all means its your money and choice anyway..

    Like i mentioned earlier on..Some would think even a DSLR and a lens is already heavy..but to others they might think otherwise..they bring all their gear.. (which relates to what i trying to meant in my earlier post too.. some bring their "dry cabinet" whenever they travel").

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    My personal opinion is that if the photos of the place you are visiting are so important to you, you will settle for nothing less than 'absolute" quality & you are physically up to it, by all means. Whats the point of spending all the $$$ on these fantastic equipment only to leave them at home & seldom use them. If you spend thousands of $$$ to go to a place for perhaps only once in a lifetime, why not. Only caveat is if you are travelling with wife & kids then all these heavy duty stuff is most probably a no-no.

    I was once very conscious of equipment weight in my travels but now I find I can tough it out better with some planning on where I go, how to carry my stuff with what kind of bags, what I am trying to achieve etc. 2 bodies & 2 lens is do-able. I take some travels to rough it out like some kind of exercise, like mountain climbing I carry a D700 & D90 with 16-35, 80-200 lens & a short prime. I am aiming for 2 FX bodies [waiting for D700 prices to fall or new D800 ]. This way its highly flexible, lens easily interchangeable & I can even use just 2 simple prime lens if long extended reach is not necessary in where I am going & what I am shooting. I rather have an additional body with a good short prime lens than say the 24-70 & having to keep changing lens. Bring these equipments along doesnt mean one has to carry them all day, everywhere, can sometime leave those unused in the hotel, car. At night for e.g. just 1 lens/body will more than suffice.

    At end of day, you have to think thru whats best for you & what you are happy with. I see some CS here who bring much much more, the entire 'armoury' of gears (more than the 3 trinity lens!) in their travels, can see under the travel forums Cheers!
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    How about go rent ef 28-300 L ?
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