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Thread: ....Digital equivalent of a ISO 100 film - 35mm

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    Default ....Digital equivalent of a ISO 100 film - 35mm

    Just to share some things i read today.......

    It claims...

    The digital pixels equivalent for a matching image resolution of a ISO 100 fim is 40Mega Pixel..... - looking in the sense of "croppability" .

    Wow, looking at the rate turnaround time of CCD and CMOS image sensors may take quite awhile till the image sonsor size would reach that number......anyway, My 2 Mpix is good enough for a 8x11 print.....on the printer.

    Hehehehehe......who needs 40Mpix....6 Mpixor 7Mpix should be good enough for a TRUE high Res 8x11.....right???


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