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Thread: Mid Hants Railway - Autumn Gala

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    Default Mid Hants Railway - Autumn Gala

    Despite the drizzle and grey conditions I, like many others, visited the railway on Sunday. Nine locomotives were in steam which was quite a challenge for the railway. All trains were extremely well loaded with some being standing room only.

    As we arrived at the Ropley car park, Black 5 45379 was spotted climbing the 1 in 80 bank from Alresford.

    On arrival in the station, Lord Nelson joined the black five to provide a double headed train to tackle the steep bank to Medstead & Four Marks.

    Lord Nelson can be seen through the shrouds of steam and smoke.

    Given the right away, great volumes of smoke and steam were seen as the train re-started.

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    About 15 minutes later, the next train arrived from Alresford hauled by superpower in the form of A1 Tornado and A4 Dominion of New Zealand,

    The opportunity to fill Tornado's water tank was taken while waiting for the Ropley - Medstead section to clear.

    The train occupying the Medstead section was hauled by Gresley N2 Tank No 1744.

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    We travelled on this train to Alresford. On arrival, Brittannia was attached to take the coaching set back to Alton.

    The Gresley N2 now picked up the 2 coaches forming the Alresford-Ropley shuttle.

    This locomotive was originally built to work through tunnels on the Metropolitan widened lines in London. It is fitted with condensing equipment, as can be seen by the pipes leading from the smokebox back to the side tanks. It is the first time this loco has visited the Mid Hants Railway.

    While we were in Alresford the sad news that Lord Nelson had failed, at Alton, came through. With so many trains in operation, it meant that the services had to be re-scheduled and caused delays. Wadebridge piked up and extra coaching set from the sidings, at Alresford, to try and recover the passenger time-table.

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    We boarded this train to Alton.

    We had a prolonged stop at Medstead and Four Marks, which I presume was due to things being sorted out at Alton. This wait was over when Black 5, 45379 appeared.

    At Alton, Brittania drew forward to take the coaches back to Alresford and Wadebridge was released.

    Wadebridge now coupled up to the freight train in the adjacent siding.

    I have to take off my hat to those who organised and worked the railway this day. To have nine locomotives in steam on a 10mile railway with two passing loops was really impressive. Add to the normal service trains between Alton and Alresford, goods trains and a shuttle train between Alresford and Ropley, it was really superb.
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