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Thread: How long do cameras last? I know its a genral qn...just share experiences

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    Quote Originally Posted by captn_j
    How long do you guys use yr cams before they tend to spoil and what is the part that spoils first? Ill assume devent habits e.g. dry box/cabinet and never kenna drop

    just wondering

    This question is on par with asking how long is a piece of string

    There's simply too many variables, for example, the built quality of the camera when new, shutter type, materials used in the camera (metal, plastic etc) as well as how frequently it's used and so on.
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    My 300D is 9 months old and still going strong. Yes

    Sorry, I also had to do that.

    10000 frames later and it still seems fine.
    But I lost the eyecup after the first month, so been eyecupless since then, but it's still working.

    I don't want my camera to die

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    I'm using an old Canon F-1 with 50mm f/1.4 handed down by my dad. It was bought around the mid-70s, and I recently sent it for servicing @ Canon SC in July '04. Cost $250 w/o GST, now working beautifully. Only the timer is broken and no spare parts. The metering still works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by serene
    For the last 10 years or so, my camera has never been spoilt at all. I don't use a dry cabinet only silical gel. My nikon lens have also been 100% fungus free.
    please tell us your secret. it is not the silical gel, right?

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