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    I have 2 continuous lighting kits using common household sockets to power up. i've always done shoots indoors so it isn't a problem for me. Recently i've been tasked to shoot an outdoor scene which requires lighting for dramatic effects. It is a photo shoot and a video shoot as well so no point using flash.

    Obviously outdoors doesn't have power sockets so i was looking for a power generator. Any place i can rent? Seen a couple of them and they are pretty much the price of an amateur DSLR. Goggled them and found afew from the U.S but is it safe and compatible to use it? It is said that you can use it for electrical house items like laptops, television, fridges etc etc. Question is, can it power studio lightings? Someone with knowledge of these stuff please guide me!

    Also what are the differences between normal generators and studio generators? Their price difference are alot!

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    Anybody? My budget is less than 400 if possible. Won't be using for long hours.


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