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Thread: abandoned / deserted house for filming

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    Default abandoned / deserted house for filming

    anyone know of a location where i can use for a short while without causing too much trouble to do an indoor shoot. i have no lighting so preferably the place has windows for natural sun light! it should be a house/room, dusty or looks abandoned! it will be good if its surroundings has forested area and dirt tracks! any bros can help me out here. i have KTM @ bukit timah in mind now and I'm nt sure about how it looks if anyone with experience care to share!!?

    best if car can get close !

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    a search for "abandoned house" might help you. This gets asked about 20 times a year.

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    Most tracks have been demolished already. There are still some left, there's a train track bridge just above a river, you can go and check it out.


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