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Thread: Remove battery from Powerbook?

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    Default Remove battery from Powerbook?

    Hi guys, just wondering if the Apple Powerbook users out here remove the battery when the laptop is connected to the A/C supply? Does this shorten the lifespan of the battery?

    According to the manual, you don't have to and can just leave everything connected and when not in use just set the Powerbook to sleep.

    Also, leaving the Powebook on for extended periods is ok? because it does tend to heat up a bit. When not in use I do set to sleep, but usually I am online for extended periods of time.

    I can't seem to find a way to adjust contrast also, only brightness, any advice?

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    imho, take out the battery. leaving it there while your notebook is running from main socket will kill the battery. i had that happen to me once.

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    I'm using iBook for a year now and have been plugged in the power socket for most of the time. Nothing's happened so far. Just remember to cycle your battery once a month (or every 2 months).

    Powerbooks tend to get hot (I heard) but it should be okay, the fan-system is smart enough. Just make sure not to close the laptop immediately after running it for a looong time... let it cool down; the heat dissipates from the keyboard mainly via convection (aah, secondary school science finally came to good use). Putting it into a leather-case/bag immediately after intensive use is even worse!

    I believe contrasts cannot be adjusted, you have to use the ColorSync utility... which means changing the color profile too.

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    notebook batteries are made to die.

    I have never tried removing my batt from my PB, always abit late in remebering... does it still run w/o the batt?

    I do not switch my PB off one... i think longest i've gone without that is like a 2 3 months? I usually plug the adapter in only when i work on it which gives it enough juice to sleep.

    I've had this for... wad? 2 years now? the batt works for me still, 2hrs+ with lower processor speed and WIFI off. oh diming ur screen's brightness helps.. =)

    i'm more worried about the LCD, mine like turning yellow leh....

    regarding contrast... no issue leh, i feel its calibrated enough... check your viewing angle...

    oh ya cooling... i got mine feet!!! U HAVE TO HAVE EM!!! soooo many ppl told me to get them... hardware store can get... they dont destroy ur surface.. can be plucked out... but it helps circulation soo much more... GET FEET!!!
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    Default Feet?

    Have Feet... Can Walk.
    So my laptop can go out and take a walk on it's own in the cool evening wheather when it's feeling hot?

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    windows laptop are different from mac laptops
    mac laptops are strongly recommended to leave the battery in even running on AC power

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    Quote Originally Posted by zod
    windows laptop are different from mac laptops
    mac laptops are strongly recommended to leave the battery in even running on AC power
    Li-ion laptop batteries have an internal circuit that draws power for normal operation (although very small amount) even when not in use. So it's not suggested that you chuck the battery in the store room for months at a time.

    High probability the next time you want to use it it's totally flat--many people think it's dead. All it needs to "wake up" is by slowing ramping up voltage using special equipment only the service centres have... and they charge you a bomb to do this simple thing!

    Best way out... read the manual and do what it says.


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