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Thread: First impressions of the Fujifilm X10

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    Default Re: First impressions of the Fujifilm X10

    Quote Originally Posted by zaren View Post
    nice pano of st iggies....
    thanks... i had limited opportunties to do pano, this was done after a wedding rehearsal.

    Quote Originally Posted by metalgear View Post
    battery is very small for a body and cam this big.
    camera specs note approx. 270 frames (LCD : ON, AUTO mode), and approx. 640 frames (LCD : OFF, AUTO mode). the thing that usually drains the most batt on digital cameras is the use of the rear LCD screen - when not in sleep mode / composing / shooting / reviewing / etc. so you should note your usage, esp on travels. but the good thing is that there is a non-LCD shooting option on the x10 in the optical viewfinder (although, your mileage may vary on using this option)... esp good, when you happen to find yourself inexplicably already on your last bar.

    Quote Originally Posted by mazeppa26 View Post
    X10 body feels very sturdy too - good quality camera
    the fujifilm x10 is indeed a nice sturdy camera, with a good balance between convenience and performance. i can't wait for fujifilm to fill their x-series line-up.

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    Default Re: First impressions of the Fujifilm X10

    After the first couple of days, I have to say, buying the x10 was the right decision.
    Picture quality is really good for a small zoom cam, and when you use the optical viewfinder , battery life is fantastic.
    So, it is a great camera, for sure.
    However, there are some drawbacks:
    1) Focusing with this optical viewfinder. Sometimes , it is difficult to hit the focus point you want with the optical viewfinder. There is no indication where the focus point is. I have tried the center and multi mode, same result. Sometimes it focuses on the background, instead the object in front. Still have to future out what to do.
    2) Sometimes, it refuses to switch on . I think this is some software bug. If you switch the camera off and on again, the problem is gone.
    3) Noise is not as good as I expected. I set the maximum ISo to 400 now. For jpegs displayed on screen, you can probably go up to 800 or 1600, but for printing anything in A4 size and above, I think 400 is the maximum.
    But the lens is fast , and the anti-shake works really well, safe to use down to 1/15 .
    4) You need a lighting fast SD card, otherwise the writing time is really slow.
    5) Still need to find a suitable UV Filter to project the lens. I do not like the big original Fuji adapter and hood. Why the hell do they come up with a 39.6 mm ( at least thats what I measured) thread.
    6) Raw support. Thats another thing that I do not understand. Is it really necessary to create a new raw format for every camera that comes out. Come on fuji, look at Ricoh, they use DNG , thats really great. No X10 Raw support for CS% at the moment, so , again, you need to use the adobe raw converter to open the images. I am sure, these problem will be solved over time , as well as the filter issue.

    Besides all this issues, X10 is still a great camera, that takes fantastic pictures

    [IMG] _DSF9423 by AchimReh, on Flickr[/IMG]

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