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    I went shopping today and i had an inspiration for a shoot. in fact i know exactly how i want the pix to look like, complete w the washed out retro color effect. But first I need to get permission to shoot on location.

    Anyone interested for a test shoot?
    It'll be more lifestyle themed than fashion shoot.

    this is quite impromptu, so i havent quite decided a date...but it'll be ~3 fotogs, 4 max i think (location permitting)

    so do email or pm me. u guys know..the usual stuff.

    i'm sooooo excited!!!

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    ermm... ur mailbox is full...

    i would like to join. pls provide more details abt the date of shoot?
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    Sounds interesting. I am interested.

    Don't ask for permission, it may be denied. Go into the shopot with max 2 photographers. Shoot quickly, and leave. Unless your shoot requires elaborate setups, then it's another story.

    nerver ask for permission, ask for forgiveness.
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    Eh... mia... ur mailbox full leh...

    Anywayz, if there's still slots... I'm interested.


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    Sounds interesting.

    Anyway, if there's still slots... I'm interested


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    Hi Mia,

    I am interested in your idea and do let me know if there is still slot.


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    So many interested also..
    I also wanna join.

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    include me if time and day permitting.

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    Is this free? No need to pay model?
    If so, i'm really interested. Need to practise.
    PMed you. Thanks.

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    waah i'm overwhelmed.
    thanks u guys for the response..i havent got time to ask....
    actually it's a CD shop i wanna go to.....

    so yupz. if it works out good. if it doesnt....u guys still wanna shoot?

    i'm gonna keep it low cost coz it's kinda like the ideas i wanna try out.

    let U all know again!


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