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Thread: Recommendations for good BnW film

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    TechPan is very difficult to get. You're lucky if you can find some. Last month I picked up the last 6 rolls from Ruby. Kodak announced a while back that they have shut down the factories producing TechPan, so what we're getting is probably one of the last batches. Grab it while it's still here.

    Btw it does fine in Rodinal. Better acutance compared to technidol. (not sure if you still get rodinal here in sg, though).

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    OOUU if we can't get TechPan here, we know who to blame ah! I don't thnk many pople use Rodinol here...I may be mistaken tough.

    If I were havy enough a user, I would source for 100ft rolls from overseas. I used to load my own Ektachromes/HP5s and T-Xs etc and in general, they worked out to be about 1/2 the price plus I do 40 exposur rolls!

    Aiyoh Blurblock, getting chilli in CKT not as difficult for you order goes like:

    Uncle, one plate CKT,

    a LOT of chilli,

    extra sweet black sauce,

    xtra tow gay,

    dun wan chee ham,

    less oil but put more bak yu po hor!

    Oh, kway neng ka che liap!

    Now, bear in mind that my Hokkien is as good as Stoned's B&W developing skills!

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    Neopan 400 is quite good, I been using them for quite sometime.
    Take a look at some of the pics tat I took using Neopan 400.

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    My personal favourite is to use HP5+. It is a good multi purpose film.

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