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    Default Speed cameras

    I was just wondering how the traffic police actually capture those speeding cars, especially at night.To capture fast objects without flash (those hidden cameras), we need a large aperture in order for a fast shutter speed to see the license plate clearly.

    Large aperture especially if they are using a long focal length to capture you far far away will result in a super shallow DOF.

    Also the headlights will also be glaring at the lens.. mm. so.. how did they do it?

    Anyone tried any thing similar?
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    Oh, they do have flash.

    Notice that there are always 2 device. One with a 6-square opening and another is a round opening.

    I am not sure which is for the flash and the picture. But I have seen it in action at night.

    And when triggered it will take 2 photo, the flash is bright green in color. Like a laser show....

    the one I saw in Taipei , has a white flash - like the conventional flash light.

    Heard that the new generation of speed device uses infra-red flash which is invicible to the eyes....

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    so, if you are beating red lights and saw two simultaneous flashes of light, you can almost be sure that your car has been photographed.
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    There are the yellow boxes near the traffic lights, and the black ones on the side of the roads. I'll take photographs of them next time

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    Hmmm... if I put my speedlite on optical slave mode, U think it'll work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AReality
    Hmmm... if I put my speedlite on optical slave mode, U think it'll work?
    I thought I like all cameras. This thread makes me remember that I hate speed cameras... Don't make it work.


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