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Thread: Need advise - 6 days in Xi'an

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    Default Need advise - 6 days in Xi'an

    will spend 6 days in Xi'an from 1-6 dec

    ok now doing my research and EVERY site i go to mentions that I HAVE to visit

    - the Terracotta Warriors
    - Emperor Qin's thomb
    - Bell Tower
    - Drum Tower
    - Muslim Street and Mosque
    - Big Goose pagoda
    - Small Goose pagoda
    - Forest of Stone Tablets

    any non-tourist, interesting places or activities in this city that I should know about ?

    would appreciate any first hand accounts of this city from CSer

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    Visit Fa Men Si. There's a museum that displayed those offerings to Buddha's finger relic.
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    Default Re: Need advise - 6 days in Xi'an

    Within Xi An, there are plenty of street photo opportunities in the Muslim quarter. Dinner presents excellent opportunities to shoot them grilling over an open fire.

    Try to spend time outside of Xi An within the surrounding area. FaMen Si is now touristy but is full of meaning. There are plenty of other cultural sites within a day's car ride besdies Qin Shihuang's legacy. Depends on your interest.

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    Default Re: Need advise - 6 days in Xi'an

    Some tips as I was there during the spring time.

    If possible, try to stay at a hotel room facing the bell tower. The bell tower scenery is impressive at night only. It is located in a roundabout and consider the heart of Xian. The hotel is known as Bell Tower Hotel.

    If one do not want to spend un-necessary in this luxury hotel , one can stay at the cheaper hotel ( City hotel? ) facing the Drum Tower. The drum tower is only 500 meters from the Bell tower. Ask for a room facing the drum tower.

    Terracotta Warriors –After a visit , I do not think I want to go back to this place. Maybe it is a place for tourist and not for photographer.

    Emperor Qin's thomb – a mould ..hmm what to see..

    Muslim Street and Mosque – yeap, this is the highlight in Xian city. One should also be familiar with Xian old city map so that he can explore and walk on top of the old city walls. The forest of steel Museum is at one corner of this wall.
    Big Goose pagoda – A place to visit solely to see the historical pagoda.
    Small Goose pagoda – A few KM away from its big brother . If possible, bought a ticket and climb up to the top and enjoy the scenery surround the complex. This is the only pagoda with an open rooftop .

    The city museum is a good alternative if the weather is bad .

    No comment on the attractions around the city as I did not have enough time to explore them.

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    Default Re: Need advise - 6 days in Xi'an

    Well covered in the previous post. Terracotta warrior museum is worth a visit since it is so "famous" but no chance for spectacular photography. Emperor Qin's tomb, as said it is a big mound and the government has no plan to unearth it in the near future. Big and Small Goose Pagoda, worth a quick visit but nothing spectacular as well. Muslim Street, well a commercial market and somewhat over commercialized. If your itinerary is not fixed, try a visit to Huashan about 120 km east of Xi'an,certainly more picturesque and perhaps the Huaqing Pool where Concubine Yang Gui Fei bathed, about 30 km east of Xi'an.

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    Default Re: Need advise - 6 days in Xi'an

    Xian has one of the best preserved city walls. You can rent a bike or motorised buggy to go round the 14 km city wall. Try not doing so much, bearing in mind the shorter daylight hours and Xian air is also quite polluted from the coal industry. Its an interesting compact place for photo ops within the city walls, take your time to savour the place. Huashan will be nice but riskier in winter.
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    Default Re: Need advise - 6 days in Xi'an

    En route to the warrior, you can consider lishan > huaqing hot spring > warrior. Tourist bus 6 (306) goes to all this places.

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    Default Re: Need advise - 6 days in Xi'an

    went there in July for 3 nights and couldn't see a thing because of what i think was pollution.

    the city walls are definitely worth a walk and while they are rather long (a few km on each side), when you peer down from time to time you can catch interesting day-to-day life such as hordes of people playing chess, table-tennis and so on.

    all the items on your list are the standard items but like some others have suggested the Muslim streets are the most interesting in that it's quite a different slice of China and lots of buzz in the air (without being unbearably crowded).
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