I frequently visit the industrial parks around Ayutthaya, some of my customers are ( where) located there. There are at least 3 industrial parks flooded , in average 2 meters high. Bag-Pa , Bang-Wa ( Hi-Tech) and Rojana. Canon operates it major inkjet / camera facility in Hi-Tech , employing over 14.000 people there. Nikon's camera manufacturing is next door.Many others have facilities there, such as Sony, Oki, Innovalue, Boettcher . All these companies are also surrounded by suppliers of the digital imaging and printing industry. Not to forget, the 100 km around Ayutthaya, and many of the manufacturers there are the world's center of hard drive manufacturing , supplying around 30 % of the world demand direct , and are involved in around 50% of the worlds demand as suppliers.
According to a statement I got directly form one of high tech Parks factories , they hope to be operational again between 6 to 8 month AFTER the water is gone.