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Thread: photographer demoreel

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    Cool photographer demoreel

    Hello everybody...

    i wasnt sure which forum to post this in so i hope this is ok

    Ive just finnished a demoreel for a photographer so i thought i would post it here for you to take a look and hopefully give me a bit of feedback.....

    It may take a few seconds to load if your on a slow connection

    please let me know what you think


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    A very interesting site that you have but before I continue (and give my two cents worth), I will just like you to know some stuff -

    1. I have absolutely no idea the exact profession of the owner of the website.
    2. That I am considered a serious hobbist in photography and not a pro.
    3. That I am giving my comments purely from an audience's POV.
    4. Don't flame me but please feel free to correct me if I am wrong in any way.

    Okay so here are the comments -

    - The idea about the flash animation is good but I feel your images are too pixelated and the speed is not fast enough.
    - IMHO, the photo of the lady cupping her breasts is not a good idea because it appears to me it has a potential of sending out the "wrong signals" if potential employers or clients views it.
    - The font for the title of the website perhaps can use something more eye-catching? Considered that most photographers' showreel always try to use something unique to catch the audience's attention.
    - Readily-available contacts of the owner, e.g., address, email, mobile, fax etc. Usually people prefer if the contacts are available on the site rather than having to contact the owner of the site.


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    Default .

    thanks for your comments mich_2103

    First let me tell you that the site is not mine, i only created the demoreel for the photographer....

    as for your views i have to say in the most part i do agree, however you must understand that i can only do my best with the images i was provided by the photographer.admittedly some are pixelated but that is only because this is the only quality i was given to work with...

    as for your views about
    "the photo of the lady cupping her breasts is not a good idea"
    i guess i will just have to respect your opinion...

    again thanks for your comments...

    just for the record my site is at in case your interested...

    thanks again


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    My first time seeing a demo reel, I guess its like a more dynamic version of a portfolio. I like panning effects but at the same time I am not sure if it shows off the photographer's sense of composition. you rarely see the whole photograph but rather portions of it. Its kind of like how photo sites normally request that photos be kept to a certain size so you don't have to scroll to see the whole image.

    I think Michelle is right about the pixelated pictures. It is a bad impression, then again as you said that was the quality the client gave you. When Michelle said the presentation was slow, I think she was referring to the pacing of the video which I did feel could be more snappy.

    The selection of pictures look provocative which is perfectly fine. It gives me the impression that the photographer was gearing the pictures for the Men's magazine market like FHM or Maxim and those are perfectly in line with those. I know someone that did a similar series for a playboy audition so its just a matter of the targeted market. The series was consistent and did not send a mixed message.

    Some of the effects like the moving sky at the start, and the shifting shadow for one of the images served to detract from the photography, turning the presentation into more of a advertisement than a showcase of photography. This gave it more of a commercial feel compared to an artistic one.

    On the whole I liked the presentation.

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    i enjoyed the presentation too...


    may i enquire how the panning effect was achieved??? or is it a commercial secret??

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    Witness I believe its a simple effect in macromedia flash.


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