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Thread: Ropley Shed Preparations - Mid Hants Railway

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    Default Ropley Shed Preparations - Mid Hants Railway

    I managed to escape the DIY work while the final coat of paint was drying and get to the shed before trains were run on Saturday 22 Oct. I hoped to capture some atmospheric shots of the preparations.

    Ropley is where the engine shed is located which serves the Mid Hants (otherwise known as the Watercress Line) Railway. It has grown in facilities and undertakes all manner of refurbishment and repair work for this preserved railway. A great place to visit.

    The two locomotives to be used on the service trains were on the wheel-drop/ashpit road. Both were in steam, building up to working pressure, and being cleaned. One was Tornado, built new in 2008 to the original drawings by Arthur Peppercorn. This is the sole example of his A1 class locomotive. The other loco was a SR Class U locomotive designed by Urie. This loco was originally built as a 2 6 4 Tank engine of the River Class. They were rebuilt due to the poor ride and an accident that occurred on poor track.

    Whilst this was going on, the line's Class 33 Crompton Diesel arrived from Alton bringing with it Brittania's support coach. It was brought into the 'Down' platform loop as is normal for trains from the Alton direction.

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    This complicated matters as this train was now blocking the loco release and deployment of the steam locos. It had to reverse and was placed in the 'Up' platform loop.

    Tornado reached its working pressure as indicated by the lifting of the safety valves. Note: the Diesel loco and coach ae now positioned on the 'Up' loop line.

    Tornado now draws forward past the shed water tower to reach the loco release crossover.

    and now on the loco release to join the 'down' platform loop. Note the high intensity running lights, necessary for main line operation.

    The SR U Class loco now also made its way to the loco crossover amidst a great volume of steam being ejected from the cylinder drain cocks.

    and runs back over the loco cossover to join Tornado on the 'down' platform loop.

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    The Class 33 diesel and coach then reversed and joined the two steam locos on the 'down' platform and then reversed again over the loco crossover to clear the running lines.

    Tornado departed to pick up its train at Alresford leaving the SR U class alone on the 'down' platform road awaiting departure for Alton. This was delayed due to the theft of signalling cable near Four Marks (sadly, this seems to be a sign of our times).
    Eventually, with communication restored and train operation agreed. The SR U Class loco moves off for Alton to pick up its train.

    Hope you like these images.

    I shall post some more on another thread showing the locos on shed that day.
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