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Thread: noob here..any ideas how to improve?

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    Default noob here..any ideas how to improve?

    hi guys...noob here...really v noob...give some comments? any ideas how to improve?

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    I'm a noob too, but don't be fooled by my post counts, just that I'm very active here. So here goes my noob comments:
    #1: Very nice DOF but if the full "stone thing" is shown would be much better.
    #2: Slanted and seems to me that its like a "peeping" kind of shot.
    #3: I will like it to show more of the stairway & railing.
    #4: I like this one the best maybe of its colour, cropping off a little of the right side (pipe) would look better.

    Try to take these shots again and compare them with these. Then you'll know which is better.
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    for archi shots...try to work with lead in lines into your subject....

    will give more visual impact...
    for eg...the stars if u frame such a way tt makes the stairs seem to edge from one corner to another....

    will give the feeling of depth ...

    juz my newbie comments..


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    Nice attempt for a beginner, except that some of your pics ISO setting is quite high, as a result, some turn out grainy, got to be careful of that


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