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Thread: Canon ESO 20D or Nikon D70?

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    Default Canon ESO 20D or Nikon D70?

    Hi guys,

    Need some comments and advise from all of you.

    Canon ESO 20D or Nikon D70?

    In terms of usability, practicality, cost of ownership and add-ons, maintenance and warranty?

    Also, what lens, flash lights and accessories should I pair the above cameras with?

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    you might want to use search function in this forum. This same subject had been discussed few weeks back.
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    They are of different league! term of price already a big gap.

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    You would need to compare apple to apple, orange to orange.

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    Default What diff?

    Quote Originally Posted by extreme2
    They are of different league! term of price already a big gap.
    actually i keep hearing ppl say they are of a different league. but.. I can only associate both as DLSRs.. so .. why are they different? I know the price diff is almost 1K but I still have no idea why are they placed in different leagues. (because 1 has grip the other doesn't?)
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    The specs set them apart.
    Technical specs wise, the 20D outclasses the D70. It is however, also more expensive.

    Tentatively speaking, I would group current DSLRs into 4 groups(taking into account C and N models only

    Group 1(1st gen) - D30,D60
    Group 2(2nd gen) - 10D,300D,D70,D100
    Group 3(3rd gen) - 20D
    Group 4(pro bodies) - D1X,D2H,1D,1ds,1dMKII

    the 20D is kinda in a class of it's own, until Nikon releases a D200 or something.
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    Canon EOS D20 for my money , in a test of 10 digital cameras in Digital Camera User ,UK edition ,including the canon and D70 - D100 and D2H the canon scored highest with 95%

    have a look here for uk prices and camera specs

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    There's no need to get the best camera out there.

    Usability: both cameras are highly usable, providing very high quality images. In terms of feature wise, the 5fps of the 20D (and probably the faster autofocus), might be useful under more demanding situations. The D70 offers the use of Nikon's i-TTL creative lighting which is a better wireless flash system. It's 1/500s flash sync speed is also very impressive, better than many pro cameras. 20D offers flash sync at >1/250s at the expense of limited power/range.

    Practicality: not too sure what to comment on this but both cameras are pretty small size compared to their peers. The 20D also offers the use of a vertical grip that would reduce arm strain when taking in portrait mode.

    Cost of ownership and add-ons: 20D is more expensive to start with. Lenses wise, some Canon lenses are more expensive than Nikon while some Nikon lenses are more expensive. If you know exactly what you want to be shooting, you'll be able to work out the cost of ownership more accurately.

    Maintenance and warranty: Both Canon and Nikon provide good service in Singapore. Warranty is the same - 1 year.

    Overall, both are highly competent cameras and you won't go wrong with either one. If you need higher burst rate of 5fps and vertifcal grip, go for the 20D. Else, the D70 is a cheaper and good alternative. As for cost, you could work out yourself. No one could predict the accessories and lenses you would get.
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    get wat u need and choose carefully..

    its not juz commiting into a camera, but into a system..



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