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    I bought a chromage lightsphere (the Gary Fong is just too expensive) and it didnt come with any instruction manual.

    Does anyone how what are the 3 domes for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Photogenic View Post

    Does anyone how what are the 3 domes for?

    err.... so that dust will not gather inside?

    so that it will bonce some light back into the cup?

    so that you have a choice of selection like what you see in handphone cover?

    so that you get different temperature light?
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    Default Re: Chromage Lightsphere

    Overview video...

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    Ah.. someone showed me this video too. I was googling without much luck and didn't occur to me that i could go to youtube.


    But whao.. ISO800?! - I saw this on the Gary Fong hand-written manual, on another video..
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